Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chariots of fire

I rode my bike home from the space today!  Parts of it were sheer glory.  I get to cruise the Ellerbee Creek Trail, and it's so lovely.  Well shaded, cool, not too many people on it and the smells were insane.  A potent concoction of gardenia, magnolia, honeysuckle and Newton knows what else.  Just sweet and summery and utterly delightful.  And then I had to go through the small mountain range that makes up the neighborhood around my house.

I finally had to start walking up Mt Lavender, cursing everyone who ever encouraged me to ride a Darwin-damned bike.  Who's terrible idea was this?  Where did these 45% cliffs come from?  What is that I smell?  Oh, it's me? Wow.

Yeah, yeah, I got over it and finally made it home and mostly don't hate anyone, although I'm a hot, sweaty, nasty mess.  Despite that, I also feel really happy.  I feel more connected to where I live and play.  To my neighbors and the little bunny that totally mad-dogged me as I rode by.

And tomorrow, I'm gonna do it again, but this time BOTH WAYS!
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