Thursday, August 11, 2011

Front Porch, Cart, Flowers...

Alrighty, I didn't realize I hadn't gotten around to posting what I did with my freshly painted garden cart and flower pots.  So, for your joy and front stoop/porch/step/thing!

Left side! The hanging pot has a plant I'm trying to save.
It's a vine type plant, with purple velvet leaves.   It looks much better several months later.
Plus robins made a nest in the mums!  I'll have to find those pics.
Hmmm, what goes where?  I did buy enough plants?  
Right side! This was a while back, so the plants have mostly filled in.
And the bikes live in the garage.
I know they are a very humble plant, but I really like marigolds.  These are such a
lovely orange,against the lime of the cart.
My mums!  The insane horrid heat has made them look pretty pathetic these days.
HOLY CRAP! Lawn turtle! Seriously, it was digging a hole and laying eggs.
My favorite flower.  I've gotten a number of blooms out of it, which is awesome.
It just makes me so happy to look at them.
Wait, were did you come from?  All of a sudden my yard has become a critter mecca.

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