Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Art: My Very First Fused Glass Piece

I accidentally stumbled into fused glass, when I was looking to take a glass lamp/fire working class.  The DAC, which is conveniently right down the street from me, had a fused glass class, but not the other.  I said to hell with it, and signed up anyway.  I figured it would be fun, and hey, I like glass.

While it looks increasingly rough to my eyes, I still love my happy little plate.  One big thing I learned: if you want to eat off something, double check that the glass you're using is food safe FIRST.  Turns out there are several shades of white that use lead in the glass, including the one I chose.  It would be ok if I'd capped the whole thing with clear, but I didn't, so now it's only job is to look pretty. And to remind me that I prefer fusing then slumping the shape.

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