Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Introducing: Fredericka Delilah

Last week, when poking around a fine discount store, Scott stumbled upon a large blown glass chicken, to which he exclaimed: we need to make this light up.  In our fine discount store, we fooled around with several different vases, bowls and pots to find the perfect perch for the chicken, who we christened Fredericka Delilah.  We finally settled for a reddish lacquerware asymmetrical pot.  It was lightweight, and most importantly, since we had no idea how we were gonna light Fredericka up, we knew we could abuse it with power tools and it would probably not fall apart. It did have the downside of being flammable, and probably coated in some sort of an accelerant. However, we pressed on!


We visited Target and aquired several different LED light sources. We toyed with the idea of one of the battery operated strands, but that seems like turning it on and off and replacing the batteries would be a pain in the ass. The picture on the left shows what Fredericka looks like filled with a 60 bulb strand of LED dome lights. As you can see, it looked interesting, and generated a fair amount of light, but it threw up some crazy texture, and we just weren't feeling it. We played with a few different colored strands, but they all gave that same look, and the whole string stuffed up in Fredericka did generate a little more heat than we were really happy with. So we ended up using a USB-powered light shifting LED starflake ornament, set under her, giving us a perfect shifting glow!

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