Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, I've kind of failed at daily blogging, but you know, whatev.

What I have managed to do is health care wrangling!  I got my second round of bloodwork taken yesterday, to see if I'm still anemic or if the little white pills are working.  I went to visit a nice head shrinker today, who started my evaluation for Adult ADD.  Did you know there is actually a computerised test to help diagnose? How cool is that?  It's not perfect (apparently), but it is pretty cool. 

She also suggested that I see if I'm Vitamin D deficient, since she said she's had a bunch of lactose intolerant patients who were Vit D deficient, and that vitamin supplementation had an impact of cognitive function in those patients.  I gave my PA a call to see if we could get the vit d thing tested with the blood that was taken yesterday.  That would be very convenient, and would require a lot less blood being taken from me.  I'm a fan of that.

She did ask 'so, what triggered you coming here?' while a big part is that I'm tired of not being as successful as I could, really, it's frustrating to be trying to do something and you realize you're researching Vikings or peeling a potato instead of getting the stuff done that you want to get done. 

She also thought I was a lesbian, and was very delicate about asking about my partner.  I guess because I put 'spouse' and not 'husband' as a to our relationship.  Or it's time for me to get a tattoo, and I'm the only one that doesn't know it.

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