Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Units of time

We have rotated 365 times since Alex died.

We have spun around the sun one time since Alex died.

I've been trying to figure out how to mark his passing.  But after a long talk with Scott, I realized...it's not his passing I should be thinking about, but his life.  His passion and love of life. Of music and art and joy.  The towering love he felt for his family, his friends.

My goal today was to make a little music, a little art, a little joy, in his honor.  Scott and I sat down and painted together, adding some photos Scott took.  I realized I hadn't dyed my hair in over a year, so I did that.  I might have melted my hair, but I can't help but giggle.  I know Alex would laugh his ass off at my hairrowing mishap, and if need be, would help me shave the mess off.

I'm going to take the joy he gave me into every single day that I get on this spinning rock.

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