Thursday, May 19, 2011

Containers Redeemed with a Hint of Spray Paint

Remember those thrift store containers? They are becoming flower pots. With just a little elbow grease, some well-placed holes and a metric boatload of spray paint, I'm hoping they can give us a little curb appeal. Or at least my neighbor will stop trying to kill me with her eyes.  It was also an easy way to test out a couple of new things.  I tried out plastic primer, as well as Zinsser's spray primer.

Blue is interested in helping out.  No project is complete without a flurry of fur to be picked out.

The three pots in the foreground are plastic, so I used the plastic primer first.
It had decent coverage and adherence.

My glorious brass spittoon.  Classy, no?  I probably should have deglossed /roughed up the surface.

The spittoon got the zinsser primer, which is kind of amazing.  It did make me high as a kite almost instantly.  The weird texture is a result of my poor technique.  However, it did mostly correct itself when I flipped and sprayed from the top.

The green pots are a lovely shade of aqua.  The white pots are drying (both the plastic primer and the zinsser primer have way longer drying times)

Everyone is blue!  Although the hanging pot gets Lagoon, vs Aqua.

So impatient.  I hate watching paint dry.

Tomorrow, you'll see these flower pots and the garden cart in their new home!


  1. yay for blue! how's your bright green cart doing?

  2. ack! I've been so terrible about posting, but I have some great pictures of it in place, covered with the pots (filled w/ flowers, even).

    I'll get myself together and post the pics!


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