Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thrift Store Scores

Oh man, I found a killer thrift store, that is filled with pure AWESOME.  It is a good size house with a huge fenced back yard.  All of it filled with beautiful and utterly random crap.

Forest of walkers.

Incredible statues out front. This is part of my goal in learning welding.

Other side of the elephant.  I'm a huge elephant fangirl.

I've decided this is a tapir.  It's the only possibility.

It seemed like a really good idea until we actually got on the road.

Oh, and we bought lots of awesome stuff.  New Coleman camping stove.
Killer purse ($3!). Toasting forks, a popup container, and a
bunch of containers (for my upcoming planting project)

I know it's more than a little silly, but yes, we are actually totally serious about the sign.
We're going to mount it with lights behind it.
I plan on adding onto the front of it for a giant well-lit clusterfuck.

A little better picture of my containers.  
The brass one was labeled as a spittoon.  MMM, yummy.


  1. those scultures are neato, as i like to say. i hope you got a good deal on that sign. forest of walkers. love.


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