Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A camping we have gone, Part Three

Statue honoring CCC
Where were we?  Ah, yes, blackberry ice cream! mmmm.  If you did not know, Shenandoah National Park was  basically built by the CCC during the Great Depression.  As with much of history, there is some unsavory shit involved in the creation of the park, which is kind of depressing, so I won't dwell on it right now.

So it's back to camp, as the sun starts to set.  We saw more deer and played with people's dogs.  I don't remember exactly what Scott and I were talking about, but you know he totally deserved it.  We ended up not getting great shots of it, but as it got dark, a buck wandered into our camp site.

We had a delicious dinner of tacos and grilled corn.  We huddled around the fire, making s'mores and watching my mom fall asleep.  I might have also drifted off, but there is no proof.

Scott played with solar powered LED twinkly lights, which actually worked pretty well at the campsite.  We took them into our tent to see how long they would last.  Plus they are pretty!

View from our tent

You really can't sleep in when you sleep in a tent.  Between the sunlight and the lack of any sound insulation, you wake up.  My folks did wake up before us though, and had water boiling.

I forgot coffee (and the means to make it), so instead, we enjoyed vanilla chai lattes.  My parents have camping HANDLED.  They do not mess around.  We had eggs and bagels and then started packing up.

Family camping!

Goodbye Big Meadows!  I think we'll be seeing you again soon.

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