Thursday, September 2, 2010

I like my dog better than I like you...

Crazy hectic week.  Jaunt to upstate NY to see Jo-Anne and Matt blissfully wed.  Work grinding me under it's heel.  But Scott took a zillion amazing photos of everything, and by gum, it's sharing time!

To your left, see the dog I like pretty much better than everything and everyone else on the planet.  Sorry, but she is just that awesome.

An awesome view of the church J&M got all hitched up.  Although I can't help but crack up at the name: St Bernards.  Although there was probably the least amount of drool that's ever come from a St Bernard.

Matt and Jo-Anne got hitched and escaped the church! (left)

Scott and I outside the barn where the reception was held.  How cute are we?  (right)

It's my super handsome ScottyPotty, in J&M's amazing field by their home. (left)

And a lovely macro shot of one of the flowers. (right)

And we will finish this up with one last shot of Scott's.  This is my favorite house in all of upstate NY.  If I could transplant it here, I would in a heartbeat.  I think this is on Rte 8 (or 12, I get them confused).  I tease Scott about his zillions of pictures, but I love how he manages to capture things.  One day, this house will finish falling apart, and it won't exist anymore.   But pictures of it will carry it's memory on and on and on.


  1. that last pic looks like a victorian dollhouse

  2. OMG I want that house

  3. that house is a low-budget horror movie waiting to happen.

  4. Every time I see the thumbnail for this post I think it's my dog. It's confusing every single time.

  5. Holly - It's like twins, the devito/ahhhhnold flick!


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