Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nasal Rinse or "Are you going to need a spittoon?"

Since moving from Los Angeles, I've discovered I'm violently allergic to almost everything that grows in NC, particularly in the spring.  Oh pine trees, you are a bunch of spooging assholes.  I know, I hear you thinking, "but it's totally fall!".  I can't tell if I have a low level cold or yet another thing I'm allergic too.  Apparently goldenrod is blooming it's nasty little stamens off, so maybe it's that.  All I know is I've had a sinus headache for days, my skin aches and just under my skin there is a definitive 'I'm ill' feeling.
Sooo, I tried nasal irrigation for the first time.  I did not use a neti pot (although I have had one floating around the house, slightly freaking me out), but a 'sinus rinse' device recommended by my delightful health care practitioner, K.  She thinks it's a little easier to use than the crunchier neti pot, and really, it was pretty easy to use.  It's still one of the more unsettling sensations to run through my nasal cavities.  And I feel like no matter how many FAQs I read, I still have no idea if it rinses ALL my sinus cavities, or what.  But I squeezed nonnarcotic shit up my one side of my nose and felt it drip out the other, and hoped like hell it would at least give me a little relief.

Oh, and it turns out, you have, uhm 'nasal leakage' for 15-20 mins after, prompting Scott is ask me if I needed a spittoon.

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  1. nasal leakage... good times. :-)

    Hey, hit me up on IM at some point. I just did a recording session for this guy over in Annapolis whose record is (just about) done and sounds like it might be in your all's wheelhouse.


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