Friday, February 4, 2011

So so SO very sick

I have spent this last week being completely, totally and repulsively ill.  AND starting my new job (which is awesome).  I'm not super sick anymore, but it has completely worn me out.  I'm exhausted and sleeping lots, which I suppose is important in that whole 'getting healthy' thing.

I hope to be way more interesting by next week, although since my unread blog posts just reads 1000+ I'm a little concerned about getting back through THAT backlog.  EEK.

Until then, man, my dog is cute and her snuggles are totally medicinal!


  1. puppy snuggles have been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be good for one's health. FACT. :-)

  2. sorry you're so sick. i hope your pooch will cheer you up & get you back to health soon!

  3. yuck, sick stinks! feel better. take 2 puppy snuggles and call me in the morning...remember that commercial?

  4. First time here..
    Yes.pets can bring loads of relief ..its kinda sooothing when we get involved with em.

    I was lookin through the pictures in your previous posts..nice.

  5. I'm a sucker for puppy pictures so your last posts caught my eye. And yes, they are great medicine, too.

  6. i gave you an award, it'll make you feel better.



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