Friday, January 28, 2011

STOP: Puppytime!

So, I have been very blog neglectful all week.  I have several hundred unread blogposts in my reader, comments I haven't responded to, and I'm getting sick.  It's just been a really hectic week and I'm getting ready to flit away to see my newest niece (and my sibs and I haven't been together at the same time in over 5 years!).

But one of the things that completely distracted me was a sweet little puppy, who had chewed through a leash and escaped her home!  She had no tags or microchip, so really, we were fostering her with intent to find her a loving new home.  But last night, her family found a sign, and there was a joyful (if slightly bittersweet, for me) reunion!  But we have lot of pictures and videos, cause she was SO flipping adorable.

Hi, I'm cute and friendly and kind of lost, LOVE ME.
I'm Batman! Seriously, her ears are insane.  So expressive.
Doggie huddle.
She did totally awesome in the crate! 
She still likes to puppy chew and was really not housebroken, so sleep was crated.
5 minute refresher nap. I had forgotten how energetic puppies are.
Then play!  Mika's ball is getting a lot of action these days.
Then Sleeeeeep.

Then, to mix it up: chewing.
Puppy copies Blue.  Blue was totally over the whole puppy thing. 
And really got crotchety about sharing her toys.
She was just such a pretty pretty sweet puppy.  We shall miss her, but she's back with her family!
As a side note: Please make sure your pets are tagged and MICROCHIPPED!  Microchipping is cheap and it means if your pet gets out without a collar, animal control or a vet can scan them and get them back to you.  One of the first things we did was take her to a vet to see if she was chipped.  Please please please, give your beloved companions the best shot possible to come home to you!


  1. I wish you could have kept her :( She's so so beautiful!

  2. What a sweetie! good to know that her family found her. Of my 3 dogs, 2 were found strays (lots of advertisement to try to find the owner) and one was intentionally abandoned. I'm with you on the ID, we recently found a super sweet cattledog. Couldn't keep him at the house because my boy would have fought with him. If he had a tag with his people's phone # on it I would have called them before taking him to the shelter!

  3. That dog is so ugly it's cute. <3


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