Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Robot Guts!

One day, world, ONE DAY!
Sadly, I can't replace my barely functioning insides with robot guts.  Yet.  ONE DAY!

So, in the mean time, as the closest thing I get to a new years resolution, I'm laying off the dairy and wheat for a few weeks.  It's mostly about not having heartburn and my stomach exploding at random intervals.  I'm fairly certain it's not the wheat, but my insides are so enraged all the time, and I'm over it. So a few weeks of protein and veggies (and coffee), and I'll see how I feel.

I've had a profoundly relaxing long weekend, which was just what the doctor ordered.  Because my work is weird, I didn't have last Friday off, I had Monday off.  So, it was just a stretched out and very quiet weekend.  I wasn't especially productive, but I hunkered down with a (virtual) stack of library ebooks, listened to the rain and snuggled my spouse and dog.

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