Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meta: My first spam comment! And some pictures

Ok, it's totally silly, but I'm actually kind of excited...I got my very first spam comment!

Not to mention, I'd set some goals for my blogging, and they've been kind of blow out of the water for the quarter, let alone the month already!  Guess I was aiming really low.  Now the rest of the month is about making killer posts about awesome stuff and beating December's page views.

So this post isn't totally pointless and silly, and to kill time until I can share my exciting personal news with the world, some photos!

Blue and I doing some of our favorite things. 
Also, don't judge, this is a work in progress people.
3 out of 4 dogs!  Why isn't Mika in this shot?  Too big to fit in the frame!
Mika and Blue getting to know each other's assholes.  I might have been
snorting Xanax at this point, because doggie intros stress me out.
I love that Blue and Emma will not only share a couch, but finally actually
sit near each other.  Major breakthrough!  Oh, btw, Blue (far left) is the
only dog that actually lives with me.
We might have played dress up with Mika.  In our defense, it was really cold out.
S. got artsy with the candle shot!


  1. I just hooted with laughter at this post...the photos of the dogs just get better and better - and your captions. I have tears rolling down my face now. Thank you. I also want to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my last post. It's such a pleasure to know people have enjoyed or liked what you have your case I have loved it :)

  2. There is Mika's ball! We couldn't find it before we left. I knew Blue would.

  3. Your babies are such cuties! I hope your first spam comment wasn't too awful -- I got one the other day that was triple x rated!

  4. i haven't gotten any good spam comments yet. i wish i'd get a visit from the guy who's anti-american women. it seems to be going around.
    love that candle shot! very cool.

  5. remember when people would post code to your Myspace comments that would auto-play some obnoxious song or one of those talking emoticons or something? No, me neither...

  6. @Facing50: awww, thank you!

    @Maddening: Oops, I meant to tell you, Blue totally rooted that ball out. We couldn't figure out what she was barking at, since it wasn't a typical toy hole. It was in an odd space behind S's desk.

    @Amanda: It was a super boring land sales thing. At least a XXX would be funny!

    @Sherilin: Well, I wouldn't say it was a *good* spam, as it was mostly super boring. I'll consider myself 'made' as a blogger if I started getting angry anti-american women spam!

    @David: Hah! Although I kind of skipped the whole myspace thing. I'm not gonna lie, I miss the heck out of livejournal though. I mean, it's still there, but it's just not the same. In general though, their commenting system is vastly superior. UP with comment threading!

  7. All I can think of while looking at the first picture is....gross nasty! LOL

    My daughter reads these books and the girl in the books calls her dogs toy a gross nasty. :)

    I always tell my animals, "At least take him/her out first before you stick your nose all the way up there!!"


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