Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hand Slam and Happy Little Birdies

Walking into work today, I managed to smash the top of my hand into a metal door push bar thingy.  I'm not entirely sure I didn't break anything, but I can at least type, so I'm going to just hope that it stops hurting and being lumpy be the end of the day.  And wonder why on earth I'm such a freaking crazy klutz?  Seriously, it's a massive door, HOW DID I MANAGE TO HIT IT?  Ugh.

However, I do have some pictures of my beloved fat little birdies when we had snow!  Turns out, nature has camouflaged birds so that normally, if they are flitting about on the ground, you really can't see them.  I am also trying not to put taken of the birds.  Don't you want to see a thousand different ways they arraigned themselves on my lawn?  No?

So many happy little birdies.
Look at the cardinal in the middle!  And how happy and fat the other birds are.
I love sitting curled up in my armchair, with a book, my dog and a cuppa watching the birdies and squirrels flit around the yard.  It makes me really happy that I lean towards a 70s style bush, if ya know what I mean, so that the birds are very happy to live in my yard.

It's probably for the best that find large dog sweaters is hard.  She doesn't need to be a clothes hound.


  1. oh my goodness, super cute dog in sweater! i love how happy you sound over the birds, lol. it's the small things, no?

  2. Ouch! I hope you feel better. This morning, on my way to get some Tylenol for a crushing headache that even hurts in my face, I walked into a door... with my face. Oh, irony.

  3. @Cape: I know I'm a totally crazy dog lady, but man my dog is CUTE! And yes, those birds fill me with such a joy. I feel kind of goofy being so excited, but it's so calming and happy making, so screw the haters!

    @random: Well, in the straightest face I can manage: Sorry about your face. Hee. I do feel MUCH better. Pain pills and a good nights sleep worked like a champ, although it does have a lovely bruise.


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