Monday, November 15, 2010

Frozen thighs

So, I have a crockpot recipe that I'm planning on semi experimenting with. BBQ Apricot Chicken. Sounds pretty tasty, right? I have gathered my ingredients, so I will be prepared in the morning!

Except...the packet of frozen chicken that I pulled from the freezer last night is still frozen sold. Not one iota of thawing. If I flung these frosty thighs at your head, it would knock you the fuck out.

Apparently I have a magic freezer.


  1. Maybe run (the closed package) under warmish water in the sink? It's what my mom used to do.

    Let me know how the recipe goes; I've been wanting to try some new dishes.

  2. Yeah, I can totally do that,'s just weird that after a day, it's still completely and totally frozen. I checked again this change.

    But I looked at the site again today, and the lady said she did hers still frozen, so I'll just throw everything together tomorrow morning for dinner tomorrow night.

    I will let you know how it works out. It sounds really yummy to me.


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