Friday, November 12, 2010

Kitchen plans!

I adore my little pink 1930s house, but there are downsides to living in quaint little old houses.  The electrical is a hot mess (glass fuses and some dimmer boxes, totally random).  The front of the house is basically on one fuse. The who lived here before us had some interesting ideas on color and paint application.  With the help of friends, we've mostly beat back the worst rooms (the dining room was truly horrifying).

But the kitchen...we've let it kind of fester.  It's an odd dark dark green, the application has an odd texture that just makes it look poorly painted.  Which maybe it is and I'm just being generous.  The layout is barely workable.  Few cabinets, even less counter space.  The cabinets are very dated looking, and the thin melamine is coming off.

The base plan:
1.  Paint kitchen cheery shade of light bright yellow.
2.  Paint cabinet bases glossy bright white.
3.  Tackle cabinet doors by peeling off gross melamine, filling the 'filth catchers', adding beadboard and molding to make panels and painting glossy bright white.
4.  Replace light fixture.

Slightly extended plans
5.  Make green glass cabinet knobs (recycled beer bottles!)
6. Cabinets and/or shelving for over butcher blocks 'counters' (and clear crap off)
7.  Make pantry more workable.

Really extended plans:
8.  Make green glass thin subway style tiles for backsplash.

Super extended kitchen plans:
1.  Gut the fucker and start over!

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