Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scattered Thoughts

  • It's painful, but really, not the end of the world.  I hope all the people heading to Washington are willing to actually talk and LISTEN to each other.  I'd like to think that we're all basically good people who want the best.  Yes, plenty of people and things suck. But let's retire the words 'traitor' and 'fascist'.  I tend to be pretty strident in my views, so I'm going to try being more thoughtful in my personal responses.  Although, I admit I find it unlikely to have my mind changed on certain things. But you probably won't convince me if you're busy calling me a traitor.
  • Why am I procrastinating so very much with starting NaNoWriMo?  Although the year I finished was the year I did it all in the last week.  Because apparently I am that person.
  • Today is fired, and I'm really sad.
  • I am looking forward to next week, and having more time to work on my glass and other stuff.  Although what that means is I will probably continue to neglect my NaNo.  Maybe I can procrastinate with each of the things I want to work on.

  • My stomach as been really weird lately.  It's been making me put off starting my iron supplements again, since it makes me so ill for the first few weeks.  But I'm getting that bone weary exhaustion that clued me into the anemia in the first place, and falling asleep at 8pm kinda sucks.

  • I had an amazing sandwich last night.  It was the Black Eyed Pea Burger at Tobacco Road by the DPAC/DAP.  Turns out it's vegan as well.  And seriously delish.  It did tend to squish out of the bun, so there was corralling needed around the edges.  But it had a lovely flavor and texture.  Considering it's a sports bar, the food is really good and reasonably priced.  Oh, and Tuesday nights are $2.50 pint night! I abstained because of my weird tummy issues, but local brews were had all around me.  And they are open til 2am!  There are a zillion TVs everywhere, which is a bit distracted for those of us who are attracted to all the blinky lights.

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  1. start your NaNo! I Command It, Forsooth! Just kidding, whenever you get to it is fine. But if I finish it and you don't, there may be pointing and laughing and a lot of "Who's your daddy!?"." Just saying.


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