Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fellow Hannukah Bloggers!

There aren't a whole lot of Hannukah decorating blogs, so I figured I would share the ones that I've wandered into.  Plus my house in the this last weekend's perfect little snow.

Snowy Hobbit House! And yes, those are totally Halloween lights.
And  a skull cutout on the door.  It's my holiday of choice.
Felt So Cute has a lovely Hannukah mantel, complete with glitter dreidls. Love love LOVE the dreidls. Everything is better with a thick coat of sparkle.

The Cape on the Corner has a blue/white Hannukah (and Christmas) decorating scheme for her home.  I desperately need a copy of  "Hanakkah, Shmanakkah!

Creative Jewish Mom has a post up at Curbly pulling together a bunch of stuff.  She also has her own blog featuring all kinds of Jewish stuff.

And of course, Martha is always willing to break it down. I particularly like the Menorah of Glasses and Beads, The Dreidl Shaped Place Cards, and the Hannukah Match Boxes


  1. You know I agree with you on trying to find cute Hanukkah stuff. All the bloggers you listed have some great ideas. I'm always looking for anything new!

  2. A) Thanks for the shout out.
    B) I'm also an Alisha.
    C) I'm awestruck by any blogger who describes herself with the word "shenanigans!"
    D) Hanukkah stuff is already 75% off at Target! :)

  3. woot! you rock. thanks so much for the shout out, and so glad you did this post. you know i think chanukah is underreported (if you will) in blogland. it's nice to know there are others out there working with dreidels and menorahs, am i right?


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