Friday, December 17, 2010

Staggering Throught a Winter Slushieland

Don't make me explain
this to you.
Oh, the joys of winter.  A weird wintery mix graced our fair cities yesterday.  It was slippery nastiness.  And I had to go to work.  Which got me to thinking.

Why on earth, with the technology available to us, and the fact that most of the people here have laptops and phones with tethering, is there not a basic foul weather plan that involves everyone staying at home.  Not, come in, but take your time.  But stay at home, it's just stupid to drive in terrible weather.  By the time I woke up at 7am, there were already dozens of accidents on the freeways.  I doubt they were all doctors, nurses, firemen, etc.

Yeah, you might end up having to pay some people who don't really have duties that they can do at home.  But if no one is in the building...does it really matter that your janitorial staff got an extra paid day off?

What an easy way to build morale and goodwill in a workplace.  We know when storms are coming, it would be fairly easy to make sure that everyone who could, took their laptops and files home with them, and we kept people from feeling like they HAVE TO COME IN, because otherwise their boss is a dick about it, or Junie from marketing is going to gripe about it, or you have to use a sick day, or whatever.

Also, 4 wheel drive is not a magic button that makes you impervious to weather.  Get off my old giant car's ass, or you're going to slide into me, and then I'm going to beat you to death with my coffee mug.  If we're on a single lane street, and you can't pass's because we're in a neighborhood and the speed limit is way lower than you think anyways and really: fuck you, it's an inch of icecrap, slow down.


  1. i agree with the office morale-well, i agree with all of it-but i'm writing specifically about the i know i'm really lucky to work in a place that lets us go home early in crappy weather, or closes, or opens late because of it too. usually those perks are only reserved for school personnel.


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