Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slay bells ring...

Oh winter, you slay me.

It's been bone-achingly cold all week.  I know, people who live in places with srs bidness winters are like 'Dude, it's December, OF COURSE IT'S COLD!'.  Whatevermary.  It's been in the teens all week (well, midday I guess it's hitting the 40s), my feet only warm up in bed, and tissues are my constant companion.  Why tissues?  Because the stupid dry cold has shredded my poor sensitive little snout and my morning wake-up call is a nosebleed.

Between of anemia being a stone cold bitch, constant nosebleeds and cold sapping my energy, I haven't gotten a whole heck of a lot done this week.  I had some freelance work last night (whoooo) and perhaps a little sofa nap (mit pup).

We went to DC this last weekend.  I saw my parents, had a tiny tummy bug and then hit DC proper for K/H time.  It always makes me super happy to see them, and I got quality Mika time!  Mika is their giant, utterly splendid pup, a black lab/mastiff mix.
Here I am girding up for the two-handed poop-scoop required.
Nothing but teacup-sized dogs for me from here on out.

I am so figuring out a night stand like this.


  1. 1. freelance?!?!?!?! AWESOME
    2. We just purchased a warm humidifier due to the snurgles
    3. Glad you had fun in DC :)
    4. I cannot see you with a teacup anything
    5. Hope you are feeling better
    6. Awesome nightstand!!!!
    7. xoxo

  2. Not even a teacup full of a drink of h-hammerish origins?

    I hope YOU are feeling better! Snurgles begone!

  3. That dog is gorgeous. And that nightstand? ROCKS!

  4. i am not a big dog person either, except for my dog nephews, whom i adore! boxers.

    you sound exactly like me in your comment-seriously-i wrote a post saying that i fear i am, in fact, a crazy cat lady.

    doggie bday parties...hmm, i don't know about that one!

  5. Annah: That picture doesn't even begin to do justice to how good looking Mika is. Or how enormous. She's standing a good 3-4 feet away from us. As for the nightstand, I have a ton of plastic light covers that I rescued from the dumpster, so I think I might have a PLAN! I wish I'd poked around more to figure out how they change the lightbulbs.

    @Cape on the Corner: Yay!! fellow crazy pet person! We may be crazy, but there is a lot of love (and fur, ohhh the fur!). When we adopted Blue, I ended up going back to the pound 4 days later to get an elderly dog (Canela) she'd been kenneled with, sobbing the entire way there. A friend declared that it was clear that my tipping point into crazyland was 3 dogs, and I was forbidden from even looking at petfinder/etc. I will admit, the doggie bday party action is more about an excuse to get together than to be truly bonkers.

  6. Thanks for visiting House Revivals -- I'm glad you like the post. Totally know what you mean about the poo bags -- we live in the middle of a big city with a big dog. It's gonna be great when we move to the beach house, and I can just send the dog over to the neighbor's yard to poop (okay, I'm totally kidding about that).


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