Friday, October 15, 2010

Dizzy with a Side of Hurl

Last night, I fell asleep surrounded by index cards with kernels of ideas scrawled on them.  I texted Carrie that my brain was so full and I couldn't get everything out.   Hopefully when I go through the notecards later today, I'll know what the hell I was so excited about.

I woke up weird this morning.  I don't know how else to describe it, just...not right.  I felt vaguely wrapped in cotton and had the sensation of being off balance.  I wasn't truly dizzy, just my brain was clearly twisted to the left.

I've been kind of staggering through the morning, eating my breakfast bagel definitely helped my nausua.

I suspect an inner ear infection, as this strikes me as inner ear dizziness, which is not like regular dizziness.

Oh!  And Carrie has a cool project (with free art download) and a giveaway as her "Thrifty Thursday" post! Leave a comment to win Halloween figures, a scarf or a Halloween rosette.

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