Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It has taken me SO LONG to get this post pulled together.  I'd say I suck, but frankly, it's tax week and it takes a lot of energy for me to worry as much as I do.

Blue is ready for adventure!
The first weekend in October, to celebrate B's birthday, we headed west to the mountains of Asheville for a spot of Glamping!  What is Glamping?  It's Glamour Camping!  We weren't up for dealing with tents and flashlights, but we wanted to snuggle into nature.  We stayed at the KOA in Black Mountain, right on a little lake, in the cutest little 'kabin'.  Electricity, beds, heaters, a sweet porch with swing, a lovely firepit, it was AWESOME!  There was quite the hike to the potty, but it wasn't so bad, except first thing in the morning.

You didn't think I wasn't going to post a million pictures, did you?  HAH!  We arrived late Friday night, with B&M already set up and prepping dinner!  The dogs had a good sniffle around, we got our bed set up, burned some things, eat a yummy dinner M grilled and just felt the stress of the week flow right out of us.

After a surprisingly good night sleep, despite the air mattress deflating a hair, we stepped out of the cabin to watch the morning hit the lake.

The morning view from the porch
A wild Scottie
Alicia starts a fire
Blue explores the semiwilderness with style.
Morgan shoots the teen ducks
duck, duck, goose, EGRET?
Perhaps a Blue Heron.  Stately as all getout.
After a relaxing morning, including realizing we had no pots and no coffee grinder, we packed up the pooches and headed to Asheville!

Tasty beers at Jack of the Wood
Despite other dogs sucking (yeah, I'm talking to you weird lungey, barky black lab.  Asshole.) Blue was totally awesome and retreated beneath the bench.
Blue and Emma, settled and safe.
Gus was totally ready to protect us from all invaders.
Blue did awesome, once she was taken away from her insane owners.
We wandered Asheville for a bit, then headed back to camp for a yummy Thai birthday dinner!
A campsite visitor
The dogs were so utterly exhausted from the Asheville adventure, I don't think they moved for the rest of the night.
More things were burnt, for s'more time was upon us!
Lights and love on the porch.
Sleepy, sleepy Blue.
The ceremonial Sunday morning burning of the Chick tract.
All packed up and ready to...is that a travel monkey?
Gus and Emma do not wanna go!
Our little family
The group survived Glamping!


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