Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glass Crap

Craaazy eyes!

So, when your doing fused glass (or really, any kind of glass working), you need so much more than just a kiln, some glass and crazy eyes. 

I have a wish list a mile long of stuff I want to play with.  I know I can't have it all right now, and really, I do have my whole life to play with this stuff.  I'm trying to focus down on the stuff I want to play with in the next few months while I make HOLIDAY! stuff.  I already have some requests (R's sparkly dong xmas ornaments!).
So I am thinking that for right now, so I can play without breaking the bank:
  • Mica powder:  Mica adds sparkle to any kind of glass, so I could use it with Bullseye or recycled float glass (ie beer bottles). There is a 'pixie pack' that has 24 different colors so I can sparkle in every way possible).
  • Glassline paint pens:  Another item that can be used with any COE glass.  I have some ideas that I think these would be perfect for, esp because you can use it with float glass.  I think I'll stick to just getting black and some tips for now, and seeing if I like how it works, and then investing in the crazy enormous assortment pack.
  • Some molds: To be able to recycle beer/booze/etc bottles, I'm going to have to get some molds.  Slumpy's has some inexpensive and very fun small molds that could work for the holidays and for jewelry.  They have a minimum for $100 usually though (only $50 through tomorrow), plus $10 off for new customers, which is cool.  A bunch of their holiday molds are 50% right now as well.  Delphi Glass also has what they call an 'essential casting mold' that basically has a bunch of different sizes and shapes so you can mold different shapes without having to get a bunch of different kinda prizy molds.  And if I get to the website via my local glass shop, I think they get a kickback, which is nice.
  • Drawer knob molds and hardware: Ok, still falls under molds, but there are a couple different ways to make drawer knobs.  Delphi Glass has a pretty nifty knob system that you end up with internal hardware.  You can get square, circle or rectangular knob molds from them.  There are also molds else where that you can affix hardware to the outside off.  Since we're doing 'things' to the kitchen, I'd really like to make knobs for my cabinets.
I also really want to make some of my own molds (I'll be tapping the pottery prowess of a fine dog owning lady I know for that) but that is probably going to be down the line a little bit.  Right now, I need to find my FSM-dammed running pliers that have been hiding from me.

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  1. I thought you were going to put some pix up so I can buy something from you!


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