Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainbow Monday!

So, this weekend SUCKED royally.  Terrible weekend, I cried myself to sleep every night, TERRIBLE.

However, the rainbow has popped out (at least some what).

Hot water heater: Died a massive death on Friday.  Turns out they haven't made the style we need for under the house in years and years.  The gas company is doing a tankless install for us tomorrow!  Tomorrow night I will have a hot shower in my own home!  I am SO pleased about this.  We get a tax credit and I get to take hot showers.  I can't even express how much better I feel knowing that C won't be flying in to a cold water only vacation.

Phone: S 'helped' me upgrade the operating system on my phone.  Bricked it.  So Sunday we had to go to the sprint store and have them reinstall the operating system.  But it works now, which is nice.

Foundation: Ok, this is still making me tense.  Massive deflection in the bricks at the back of the house.  I don't think the house is going to fall over, but it is definitely NOT GOOD. 

So now I feel like I will at least be able to celebrate my Age That Dare Not Speak It's Name birthday this weekend without being an angry wet noodle.

It's also the anniversary of the loss our little old lady pup, Canela.  I miss that cantankerous mutt.

Canela traipses through the dandelions!
Bringing Canela home from the Pound.
Rub my belly! RUB IT!
Naptime, with the doggie equivalent of the Berlin Wall.
S and Canela snuggle.
Sorry guys, I gotta go now...

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