Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Sad Day

E's Ball
I've been wavering if I should blog about this week, this day, this month.

The last few years have seem some nasty fastballs bouncing off the brain, crappily landing in my natal month, October.  I try not to string them together, but it does just kind of happen.

We took E's Ball to the zoo on her birthday!
It's been two years today since E, my mother-in-law, lost her fight with cancer.  Or with her cancer treatment.  Does that part even matter?  I remember the phone call from Scott, how initially, I didn't understand, it didn't make sense. How could this possibly have happened?  Because I didn't want it to have happened.  Sobbing into my pillow.  Falling asleep with a small bit of peace wrapped around me.  Zip forward, C (Scott's twin sis) has made (with a friend) amazing pit kiln-fired balls, with rattles and some of E's ashes.  We call them E's balls, because we're juvenile like that.  The one we have is so beautiful and I love how it honors her.

I miss her.  I miss her knowing any children we have.  I miss her calls to remind us of daylight savings time.  I'm glad that I knew her, that she gave me Scott and that we'll always remember her.


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